Rural Small Business Owners are the hardest working, yet most under-served, people in America today.

Marketing, customer service, bookkeeping, employee management, sales, building maintenance, customer relations, inventory...

You wear too many hats to keep up with it all.

This is where Progress Partner comes in.

Progress Partner

Progress Partner and your local Chamber provide independent business owners with the tools to succeed in rural communities:
easy-to-digest, online courses.

Watch when and where you want. Learn complex topics in bite-sized pieces so you can take actionable steps toward:
• Owning a business that doesn't own you.
• Reaping the personal and financial rewards of business ownership.
• And, when the time comes, retiring yourself, not your business.

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After serving rural communities as a nonprofit executive for 20 years, Monica understands the overwhelming aspect of trying to run an organization and grow it at the same time.

She created Progress Partner to help small businesses in rural America thrive.

Progress Partner